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Protection and conservation of water supplies

1432302[1]California's water system is at the breaking point. Water appears cheap and plentiful, but in fact we can expect your water bills to go up in the coming years.

Homes built and landscaped to use water wisely make a tremendous contribution to protecting our shared resources, and lowering expenses for the homeowner.

Water and energy are very interconnected. The California Public Utilities Commission estimates that 8% of the state's energy is used to move water, and 11% of California’s energy is used to heat water.  Thus, while water appears cheap, it has hidden energy and environmental costs. Fortunately, saving water is usually easy and doesn’t sacrifice comfort.


Wise resource use

Conventional building construction and operation consumes large quantities of wood, water, metals, fossil fuels and other natural resources. Even though the majority of the materials used to build a home are put to good use, vast quantities of resources are wasted.


Building a 2,100 square foot home requires 1.5 acres of forest

1432302[1]Careful management of the construction process makes a big difference. There are many effective building strategies that conserve natural resources, as well as provide benefits such as cost savings. For example:

  • advanced framing techniques
  • engineered lumber and wood products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council
  • durable roofing materials with 40- or 50-year warranties
  • recycled-content products that divert waste from landfills
At ELEM3NTS, during our design, assessment, certification and construction our goal is to save and preserve water and resources for future generations.


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