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Want to receive up to $4,500 in CASH rebates to save energy and improve your home?

Energy Upgrade California - Energy Beyond Design is a participating contractor and can get its customers a rebate.

How does Energy Upgrade California Work?

Energy Upgrade California - The first step is to get a free phone consultation from us.  Get a consultation to determine your rebate eligibility and to set up your home energy audit.

Energy Upgrade California - The second step is to get a home energy audit.  Conduct your home energy audit and provide improvement recommendations.

Energy Upgrade California - The third step is to decide which home energy improvements to make.  Decide which home energy improvements to make.

Energy Upgrade California - The fourth step is to have participating contractor Energy Beyond Design complete your energy upgrades.  Hire a participating contractor in Energy Upgrade California to complete your home energy upgrades.

Energy Upgrade California - Once your your upgrades are complete and verified, you receive your rebate and enjoy comfort and energy savings. The energy upgrades are verified and you receive a $1,000-$4,500 CASH rebate!


What does it take to get up to $4,500 in CASH rebates from the Energy Upgrade California Program?

  • You must own a single-family home or duplex and be a PG&E customer.
  • The amount of the rebate you get is based on energy modeling software that shows how much energy your home will save after an energy upgrade remodel.
  • The rebate amount is based on how much less energy your home will use after the energy upgrades. A minimum 10% energy reduction receives $1,000 in rebates. Each additional 5% reduction beyond that earns another $500 up to $4,500.

To learn more about the rebate program, click here.


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